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In short:

But the most important thing is we are since spring 2023 started working on aausat6

writing and updating this page is hopefully forever ongoing :-)

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Welcome to our Studentspace website at Aalborg University - Denmark

Students at AAU has since 2001 designed, build, launched and operated five cubesats.

Our cubesat adventure came to life around 2000. Student had been watching the development of ├śrsted - the first danish satellite - launched in 1999.
Inspired by Bob Twiggs USA - he did invent fhe cubesat standard - our students just required Dep of Electronic Systems. So the cubesat adventure did start late 2000.
Our first cubesat - AAU CUBESAT - was built in less than two years and was on the very first cubesat launch in 2003. Since then we have launched AAUSAT-II, AAUSAT3, AAUSAT4 and AAUSAT5. In addition we have had a number of payloads on other satellites and a number of parabolic flights and stratospheric ballon experiment.
In addition to all the good hours and fun we have also seen Gomspace, Space Inventor and Satlab been raised in our labs before they moved out of AAU, buth still within 1,2,7km fra AAU. Now adays they employ more than 300 people and deliver missions, satellites and subsystems to all continents. It has been fun to be a little part of their ongoing adventures. Nice to see our engineers are of high quality.

See our student space CV here

All in all some very nice, fruithfull and inspiring years.

Our mantra during the years has been

  • 100% DIY by students
  • Collaboration between students - its a mega project
  • Students in control of the project

After more than 2 years Covid19 lock down of Satlab we are now finally back in Satlab in autumn 2022.

  • Our mission is AAUSAT6 and our timeline is three years.
  • We will stick to our mantra - 100% DYI
  • Among payloads are camera with video capabilities
  • UHF
  • S band as experiment(payload)
  • Testing Rust language for space
  • more to come here :-)

An extreme MEGA project like the series of AAU student cubesat rely on sponsor support

Read more here

AAU is part of and host a regional office of the danish ESA BIC Incubation Center.

It is a offer for startups where AAU ESA BIC offers hosting, economic help, etc

Is is located at our new Innovate hub

more to come

If any of you would like to help us with AAUSAT6 please read more here.

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