AAUSAT - our Mega project

author: Assoc Prof PhD Jens Dalsgaard Nielsen, Dep of Electronic Systems, AAU

in progress

<nodisp> Our student driven Megaproject - AAUSAT - goes back to 2001.

By the way this homepage is also build and maintained by AAUSAT students :-)

The very beginning was 100% intiated by students at Dep of Electronic Systems(ES), Aalborg University. At the department significant subsystems of ├śrsted(launched 1999) the first 100% danish science satellite was designed and constructed.

The ES students found these activities very interesting so around 2000 the kindly requested if ES could find interest in running a Eletronic/Space Engineer education.

The students proposed or demanded that a educational track in space should be.

/nodisp> The driving

2001-2003 AAU CUBESAT
2003-2005 ESA SSETI EXPRESS (AAU: four subsystems )
2003-2009 AAUSAT-II (launch 30. June 2008)
2004-2006 Baumanetz OBC (Uni of Moscow lost during launch)
2006-2011 GENSO (global ground station system)
2008-2009 AAUSAT3/BEXUS (ballon flight)
2007-2014 AAUSAT3 (launch 2013 18 month operations)
2010-2012 AAUSAT3.5/DLR-AISAT (payload on DLRs AISAT)
2012-2015 AAUSAT5 (launch 5.Oct 2015 )
2012-2016 AAUSAT4 launch 25 april 2016
2016-2019 AAUSAT4 Operations
2022- AAUSAT6
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